The Miri Piri Academy Alumni Association exists to support MPA alumni and help them stay connected to each other and to MPA as they continue learning, serving and teaching in so many communities around the world. Our goals for the coming five years include:

Short Term:

1. Set up a system for collecting alumni data – Where they are now? What do they need? etc.
2. Connect each 12th grade class to the Alumni Association before graduation
3. Share timely content on facebook, instagram and alumni website
4. Help alumni to stay connected through online mailing lists and groups
5. Complete the Alumni Association website and link to school website
6. Establish a group of alumni to share ideas and work together to help build the association

Medium Term:

1. Establish an annual alumni reunion event around Solstice and EYF
2. Develop a mentorship system that can work for alumni around the world
3. Develop webinars to help new graduates
4. Recruit personnel/volunteers to plan events with graduates in various areas

Long Term:

1. Build a robust database to gather Alumni news and contact information regularly
2. Develop a Linked-in Alumni network to support alumni professional success
3. Help alumni give back to the school through volunteer and teaching opportunities, work opportunities, alumni giving projects and mentoring students
4. Build a referral network to encourage enrollment
5. Build an Alumni Nivas to house alums when they visit Amritsar or serve the school.