Friends, Sponsors, & Donors

We would not be able to work towards our goal of building a creative and professional network with programs that promote mentorship and collaboration for GNFC, GRD, and MPA Alumni without the help of our friends and sponsors.


Yogi Tea

Feel Good. Be Good. Do Good. Yogi is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the globe so that every delicious cup is rich with flavor and healthful purpose.

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Dahlicious Lassi

Dahlicious Lassis contain more than 4000 years of health, wisdom and love, are made from 100% grass-fed whole milk yogurt, and have over 15 billion probiotics in every glass. 

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Sat Nam Fest

Sat Nam Fest is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy, transformation, and rejuvenation of Kundalini Yoga & Sacred Chant music. Sat Nam Fest is now free to attend for all GNFC, GRD, & MPA graduates!

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Yogi Bhajan Museum Project

The Yogi Bhajan Museum Project will be featured as part of a major exhibit entitled Counter Culture:  Communes and Consciousness in the Southwest at the New Mexico History Museum which will run from May 2017 to March 2018.

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Two For Joy Coffee Roasters

Two for Joy Coffee Roasters is a cafe and organic roasting company. They roast their own MOKUM espresso blend and many other single origin top quality beans from all continents.

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We'd like to personally thank the following individuals for their support!

Dharam Singh (’96), Ajai S. Khalsa (’98), Dham Khalsa (’98), Hari Mandir Singh (’99), Sada Sat Simran Khalsa (’99), Lakshmi Kaur (’99), Simran Singh Stuelpnagel (’00), Hargobind Khalsa (’00), Sat Darshan Singh (’01), Harijot S. Khalsa (’01), Ajeet Singh Khalsa (’04), Hargobind Khalsa (’06), Har Rai Khalsa (’06), Guruprakash Singh (’07), Shabd Singh (’07), Himmat Singh (’07), Satshabad Singh (’09), Dashiell Hock (’14), Sada Anand S. Khalsa, Sat Hari Singh, Guru Sangat K. Khalsa, Guruganesha Khalsa, Gurumata Khalsa, Beant Khalsa, Sat Jagat S. Khalsa, Nirvair Singh, Siri Karm S. Khalsa, Har Darshan K. Khalsa, Kulwant Kaur, Dr. Kirpal S. Khalsa