Photo Archiving

We want to preserve the visual history of MPA and its alumni by archiving analog photos and video. Do you have a box of old pictures or negatives from your time at GNFC, GRD, or MPA lying around? Not an alum, but you visited MPA or one of the predecessor schools and took pictures?

Great! Simply fill out the form . We'll place an order with the photo archiving service ScanCafe and you will receive a kit to pack and send your photos to their studio. Once they digitize your photos, you will receive your original materials plus a DVD with all of your digital prints and a link to download your digital prints. Miri Piri Academy Alumni Association will also receive a link to download the photos to be archived on the cloud with external backups to ensure the safety of the archive. 

In the future, we hope to display these photos perhaps through digital expositions, physical shows, limited release photo books, and more. We don't want to throw these images around for the sake of it. We want to preserve and share them in a way that honors the special time they documented in our collective lives.


Photo digitizing order form