CROSSROADS: A Sanctuary for Spirituality

It is at the Crossroads where multiple vehicles of expression must yield to a diversity of order gained from observations of patterns in space and time. As a declared place of sanctuary, Santa Fe offers a necessary aesthetic backdrop for the featured artists to intersect our common path towards integral being. The works present a diversity of perspectives from our variegated religious and non-religious sectors in the world but share a rigor and passion that aligns our search for meaning. In this exhibition, we set standards of inclusivity to honor the diversity and the freedom to believe in one’s relationship to their spirit, and create a Sanctuary for Spirituality.
The Miri Piri Academy Alumni Association, existing in virtual space and a principal proponent in organizing the exhibition, is a fulcrum of community within their search and exploration. Over half of the artists are alumni of a primary and secondary school located in Amritsar, India who have had a foundation of rigorous discipline and spiritual practices. As such the work although ranging the gamut of representation - abstract, landscape, figurative, color and pattern - coalesce around disciplining the mind, to connect with the body and befriend the soul through an artistic application.  
Themes of isolation, separation, and contemplation haunt many of the visual surfaces alongside splashes of unity, the joy of life, and the pleasure of reveling in mythical and mystical landscapes. Iconic figuration in some of the frames recoils our ancient knowledge of the past, and the possible transmission of a sacred source. Vases with classical motifs share space with sculptural objects suggesting containment and the possible flowering within the self. This journey by 30 artists to achieve an inner order amid the chaos of external forms becomes an odyssey of Crossroads.

Exhibition Information:

June 10th - 24th, 12-5pm @ Fresh Santa Fe, 2855 Cooks Road, Santa Fe NM 87507

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There will be also be three evening events featuring music, food, and art to further enhance the evening with sounds, smells, and taste of inclusivity.

Opening Event:

Saturday, June 10th, 6-9pm @ Fresh Santa Fe - Learn More

MPA, GRD, GNFC Alumni Night:

For alumni and family - Sunday, June 18th, 6-9pm @ Fresh Santa Fe - Learn More

Closing Event:

Saturday, June 24th, 7:30pm - 12am - Learn More