A few years ago, a group of Miri Piri Academy alumni set out to create an organization that supported fellow alumni through continued contact, collaboration, and mentorship as well as maintaining a connection between the alumni community and broader community leadership. Since then, we've started the first ever MPA Alumni Mentorship Program with 13 pairs of mentors and mentees, built the most comprehensive database of MPA Alumni, and successfully engaged alumni and the greater community through social media. 

Our Mission

Over the years, there have been several attempts to form an alumni association for MPA graduates.  Thanks to the generous support of many alumni and friends of MPA, the vision of the association is becoming a reality. The mission of the MPAAA is to support alumni at each stage of life after MPA through continued connection, mentorship, collaboration, and networking. Along with serving alumni, the MPAAA is a strong ally to Miri Piri Academy itself and works closely with the school to align in areas of common interest.

What We're achieving

  • Keeping Track of our Alumni
  • Mentorship Program: Helping 13 recent graduates through mentorship, with mentors from classes ranging from 1995 - 2012 
  • Professional network for all Alumni
  • Telling our stories through social media
  • Discussing recruitment with community connected businesses

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